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Do you have your own Portal and want to Plug & Play with Revel India services

It’s time to integrate your own B2B portal with Revel India. Revel India’s API solutions provide secure and ready-to-use plug-ins that can be used to make a personalized B2B portals. The distributors can use this B2B portal with their own name, logo and sell a wide range of Revel India services to their customers. This technologically advanced API also assists the developers to add value to their business offerings as they can use these plug-ins to build online portals that provide Revel India’s cashless services. With Revel India’s personalized B2B portal, the distributors and retailers can sell a whole gamut of Revel India services like Money Transfer Services, Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services - AEPS, Bill payment services Revel India’s API solutions are low on investment, allowing the channel partners and developers to earn higher than before.


More Savings:
The Developers and Distributors save on technology and software development as they get ready to use plugins and payment gateways.

Small investments, huge benefits:
Revel India API does not demand any high investments or costs. You can build your own online B2B portal with the lowest cost ever and avail higher commissions.

Ready-to-use plugins:
Now developers don’t need to create plugins and payment gateways from scratch because Revel India’s API offers ready-to-use plugins that come pre-loaded with recharge, bill payment, travel booking and money transfer services.

Covers the Maximum Service Providers:
The API is designed to build a portal that can connects with all the leading service providers of digital transactional services.

Business expansion & increased Income:
Revel India API will help you increase your business in terms of income and your retailer base.

Your own B2B Portal:
With a single online B2B portal, you can offer multiple services to your customers. With Revel India API you will become a one-stop-shop for all your customers’ payment and booking requirements.


B2B Travel API:
The Travel API provides travel services like Bus Booking, Flight Booking and Hotel booking with access to all flights, bus services and Hotels across India.

B2B Bill Payment API:
Revel India Bill payment API provides Mobile phone bill payment service, electricity bill payment service, water bill payment service and insurance premium service at any time of the day without the need of personally visiting the service provider’s office / store.

B2B Recharge Portal API:
Revel India is a recharge API provider company that will let the retailers offer prepaid mobile recharge services, DTH recharge services and data card recharge services.

B2B Money Transfer API:
Revel India's domestic money transfer service API lets you transfer money across 100+ banks all over India in just a minute.

AePS API Provider: AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is the Aadhaar based payment system. Using AEPS you can send and receive payment from any where and any time using your aadhaar number and thumb impression. AEPS Payment system is secure fund transfer payment system because every time when you transfer the fund then you need to thumb impression. 
Revel India is one of the best aeps api service provider company which provides you AEPS payment. AePS API integration is used to integrating the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System you API in your portal you can able to transfer funds using your aadhaar detail.